Monday, 21 February 2011


 Feb. 7th. Mrs. S. Battle East Sussex. " Things went very well, thanks to all concerned 100%

Thursday, 17 February 2011


8th February 2011. Mrs C. Thaxted said "Cannot be improved-excellent service by everyone"..... " I have already recommended Perry's to friends." Thank you for your custom Mrs. C..... Bob Perry


7th. February 2011. Mr H. Bishops Stortford says.   "Excellent service, I would recommend to friends."


17th January 2011...Mrs C. Hadleigh Suffolk.Very efficient, friendly and helpful . I would recommend to friends

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Decluttering your house?

A number of colleagues in the Estate Agency business tell us that "decluttering" of houses before putting them on the market is becoming more and more important for achieving a good sale.
 As this can often make peoples main removal cheaper, it seems a good idea to me.
 How do others feel about this?

Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Perry Group's Overseas Moving Service - OML

If you are moving abroad Overseas Moving Limited part of the Perry Group can provide a service to make this much smoother and easier than you could ever imagine.

View our website for more information

The Perry Group's E-Warehousing Serivce = Perry Online!

To find out more about our e-warehousing and fulfilment with 24/7 online stock checking and ordering then click on the link:

The Perry Group's New Storage Service = Perry Mobile Storage!

Perry Mobile Storage provides a self-store service but instead of you going to the warehouse, we bring the warehouse to YOU!

To find out more visit our website:

A Warehouse on Wheels!

Perry Removals Chairman Bob Perry on Linked In

If you want to connect with the Perry Removals Chairman on LinkedIn you will find him under Bob Perry.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Perry Data Shred - Another Industrial Shredder!

In 2011 the shredding service Perry Data Shred part of The Perry Group enhanced its resources with the purchasing of another large industrial shredder.

Visit for more information on our confidential shredding service!


Bob Perry, Chairman

Perry Removals Winter Offer = 15% off!

It has been a cold winter but here is something to warm you up...

Perry Removals are offering a 15% reduction until March!

(that includes 10 downing street Mr. Cameron!)

So contact us now on 01279 850259 or for more details visit!


Bob Perry, Chairman.

Perry Removals is on Facebook!

If you should want to follow Perry Removals on Facebook search for Perry Removals or then feel free to join our group or become our freind!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Perry Removals is on Twitter!

If you should want to follow our feeds on Twitter search for Bob Perry or on twitter to find the latest feeds!

Perry Removals and The Perry Group in 2011

The Perry Group and Perry Removals have made some important and siginifcant steps already in 2011 with the introduction of new websites which with techniques such as this, blogging, will help Perry Removals and The Perry Group to reach more people looking for a high quality removals and storage service.

There will be many more blogs to follow throughout 2011 so stay with us for more information on our services and offers.

One offer is the 'Winter 15% Discount' which will end in March so if you are moving house soon be sure to take advantage of this.

With lots of interesting stories about recent events to come!

Wishing you well,

Bob Perry, Chairman.